The switch to Nikola

I switched Blog engines because I wasn't very happy with the one I was using (Syte) and I wanted something more simple. Something that wold let me focus on writing and not maintaining code. Don't get me wrong, Syte is an awesome project, it just seems like way too much. And the deal breaker for me was the fact that it used Tumblr for hosting blog posts and Tumblr has one of the worst online editors ever. It's just not made for writing.

So, The main criteria was to be able to write posts using Sublime. I spend most of my time in the day using this editor so it's only logical.

After doing some research I figured that a static site generator would be the best choice. Enter Nikola. The name itself made it a winner and it has really nice features, but most importantly it was really easy to set up.

Customizing the default template (Nikola supports Mako and Jinja2) was the most time consuming but even that was a breeze.

Now I can write new posts using Sublime and have them deployed just by pushing to a git repository. The new posts are rebuilt automatically and Nginx serves the static content.

I'm pretty happy with the end result.


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