I’ve been struggling for a while now with the idea of writing a blog. The problem was that I never got around to actually making the site and months passed by.

A while ago I stumbled upon a github project that was aiming to solve exactly this kind of issue. The thing is that sometimes people just don’t have enough time on their hands, and with a blog site the content is the thing that matters, not what platform you are using. And there are many of them out there.

I decided to use Syte because it was built specifically with this in mind and was built for web developers/designers. Another thing that was a plus is that it was built using Django :) . Thanks Rodrigo.

Now I have no more excuses so I have to start writing. Mainly I’ll write about all the geeky things that caught my eye and some posts are gonna serve merely as a reference about some technical stuff so I don’t forget later on how I solved a problem. And hey if it helps someone else in the meantime even better.

Over and out. For now.


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